If you are unable to obtain the 30 ECTS of interdisciplinary energy education required for the Energy Academy Certificate, you can still go for the Energy Academy Declaration of Participation. You qualify for a Declaration of Participation by participating in (at least) 10 Energy Learning Activities. You will be provided with proof showing which activities you have attended.

"Lectures from the Energy Academy gave me a broad and clear perspective on the energy transition beyond the classroom walls."
Paola Guzmán Luna
Student University of Groningen

How does it work?

Register for an activity and make sure you follow it until the end. Especially for the online activities, it is important that you make sure you fill in the questionnaire at the end. That’s the final step for completion! When you have participated in 10 Energy Learning Activities, send us an e-mail and we will complete the process.

You can start at any time, both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, at the beginning or during your study, as long as you have completed 10 Learning Activities upon graduation.

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Graduation Ceremony 2019

Starting date:

Any date

Time of study:

10 times an Energy Learning Activity (2 hours)

Enter requirements:

An interest in the energy transition




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