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Meet Eko Rahmadian, first year PhD’er

Nationality: Indonesia
PhD year: 1st Year
PhD topic: The Use of Big Data for Sustainable Tourism
Hobbies: Sport, travelling, photography

Why energy?

​As a person who comes from a developing country, I always have curiosity about how long it will take and how much it will cost to shift our energy consumption and sources from fossil fuel to renewable energy. It is a good opportunity for me to learn all these aspects in The Netherlands, not just by theory but also the practical aspect.  I understand that the energy sector is a complex system and needs multiple perspectives. Therefore, I would like to learn as well as contribute with my expertise and research , particularly on tourism sector which has strong connection with energy use and carbon emissions, 

What do you like about the energy community of young researchers (ECoYR)?

ECoYR has the ‘energy’ of young researchers that I believe will play important roles in the energy business and sectors. Joining ECoYR is a good opportunity for me to get connected with a broader audience and gives me more insights and perspectives that I could absorb for my own research. Moreover, I would like to share more of ECoYR activities with my colleagues who have interests in energy and sustainability. 

Core concept of Crystel’s research

My research is about exploring the use of big data for sustainable tourism. One of my research concerns is the use of big data on energy to support sustainable tourism. Tourism is not only about creating economic opportunities, but also ensuring social dimension, culture, and environment. As such, tourism is expected to accelerate the shift towards renewable energy and the most important thing is to improve the awareness of the tourists to be wise on using energy while travelling. Research showed that travellers tend to spend more energy during their holiday rather than daily life. I believe that everybody could contribute positively to the use of energy, start from ourselves and start from the ‘fun’ thing such as travelling.