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By working together with you, and our partners, we provide all the information and networks needed for the innovation boost the energy transition needs. Find out more, about our business acceleration programme for energy startups, unique testing facilities, funding opportunities, and office spaces in the Northern Netherlands.

Cooperation and co-creation are crucial in the energy transition. Together, we are building a culture of sustainability.

Ferd Crone

Mayor of Leeuwarden


Energy Venture Lab provides a tailor-made programme for entrepreneurs, giving them the tools to succeed. In Energy Venture Lab, we facilitate a collaboration of ENGIE, Gasunie, GasTerra, Hanze UAS, Value050, University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship, VentureLab North and EnTranCe, leading up to a top expert business accelerator programme.


It’s time to cut from-blueprint-to-market-time in half. Parties are welcome to work together at EnTranCe, Energysense and Energy Systems Transition Centre ESTRAC. These are our open-innovation testing facilities.


EnTranCe is our open-innovation testing facility. We offer professional support from knowledge institutes and businesses to students and entrepreneurs. Here, we create shorter lab-to-market cycles.


The energy transition has a large impact and is a complex and multi-disciplinary topic. Because of this complexity governments and market parties are reluctant to move forward, to embrace changes and innovations.


How to get funding for your idea? There are several potential funding mechanisms and parties that can assist your company, for more information click on one of the links below.

Technology transfer

True value of science can be measured as benefit to society.

Generated knowledge can help in solving every day challenges in the field of energy and sustainability. Business Generator (SBGG) and Research & Valorisation (R&V) assist in transferring the knowledge generated at Groningen University to businesses and society, by initiating collaborations and licensing opportunities. The process of transferring knowledge involves multiple steps and Business Generator or R&V can assist, for example by screening ideas, obtaining intellectual property protection, identifying partners or customers, and negotiating agreements.

Employees of Groningen University with a potentially patentable idea can contact SBGG or R&V, who will jointly provide support in the patent process.

Timing of sharing information is critical in the patent process. One of the requirements for a patent is novelty. It is therefore important that any patentable idea is discussed with R&V or Business Generator, before it is made public through publication, including presentations, posters, and submitted manuscripts. When the idea is shared early, any delays in publishing can remain to the minimum. Please contact SBGG or R&V whenever you have a question regarding sharing information when it might be worth patenting.

Business Generator (SBGG)

Research & Valorisation

Office Space

Forget about 9-5 office hours and bad coffee. In our neck-of-the-woods, we have 24/7 co-work spaces in an inspirational environment. Organise meetings with your relations in a professional setting, join essential network communities and make use of the facilities that (flex)-work spaces offer. Energy startups are welcome to work together with other entrepreneurs and startups in the best offices of The Netherlands (according to “Intermediair” Magazine).