Practical information

Date: Tuesday, 9 June
Time: 13.00 – 14.00h
Location: online

The data we use form a relatively new demand of our energy resources. This worldwide demand exceeds the electricity needs of several countries and it is only expected to rise in the next decades. On the other hand, data and online solutions enable us to save even more energy, too.

During this webinar, Stijn Grove of Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) will speak about the growth of digitization and the digital foundation. He will explain the in’s and out’s of data centres are, how they work, their impact on investments and employment, the expertise of the Netherlands in this field and how the sector will develop in the coming years. He will also clarify the role of data centres in the energy transition.

This webinar offers you useful insights in this ever growing sector, its effects on power consumption, efficiency and residual heat. Learn how much energy you use when using the internet!

Speakers & moderator

Stijn Grove is in the heart of the Dutch digital economy. As Managing Director of the Dutch Data Centre Association, he represents the data centre sector of the Netherlands. Stijn is committed to a sustainable growth of the sector. At the same time, he stimulates foreign parties – ranging from multinationals to start-ups – to settle and use the Netherlands for our stable digital network. In this way he also acts as director of the digital main port organization Digital Gateway to Europe, far beyond our borders as an ambassador for the digital sector of the Netherlands.

Due to the Coronavirus we are, until further notice, not able to host physical Energy Learning Activities for our Energy Academy Programme. Instead we have carefully selected several webinars with suitable topics and speakers that fit right into the Energy Academy Programme as you know and love! Your registered participation in the selected webinars will count as a Learning Activity for the Energy Academy Certificate.

This event is a public event, open to anyone with an interest, to join in. The event is organized by New Energy Coalition for the Energy Academy Programme and is defined as an Energy Learning Activity for students of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen. The Energy Learning Activities are part of the Energy Academy Programme. If students follow 10 Energy Learning Activities and complete 30 ECTS in energy courses at Hanze UAS or University of Groningen, they are eligible for obtaining the Energy Academy Certificate.