Practical information

Date: Thursday, 14 November
Time: 12:00 – 14:00h
Location: Room 291, Energy Academy Europe

This is an activity from the Energy Community of Young Researchers.

During the first Energy-pitch stop sessions of this year, we will change things up a little bit. As young researchers, we want to unite our opinion and voices on several topics and share this within ánd outside of our community. That’s why we’ve invited three fellow-researchers and Miralda van Schot (Energy Analyst, Energy Delta Institute) to share their opinion on what the use of the gas grid will be in the future from their academic background. After that, we will have a plenary discussion to share ideas and knowledge on this topic. So if you want to broaden your view and pick the brains of your fellow-researchers on the future of the gas grid, this is the place to be! Join us, become inspired and maybe you’ll be invited to share your academic opinion and pitch your research next time!

Topic: What is the use of the gas grid in the future?


12:00 – 12:15  Free lunch

12:15 – 12:35  Miralda van Schot (Energy Analyst, Energy Delta Institute)
System integration on the North Sea – making smart use of the offshore infrastructure

12:35  -12:55  Peter Perey, Faculty of Economics and Business
“Economic outlook for renewable gases, hydrogen and the gas grid in the Netherlands”

12:55 – 13:15  Joris Gazendam, PhD on Energy Law,  University of Groningen
“Reusing offshore hydrocarbon pipelines for a low carbon future”

13:15 – 13:35  Leonie Vrieling, PhD on Environmental Psychology, University of Groningen
“A psychological perspective on the energy transition and the future of our pipelines”

13:35 – 14:00  Q&A and networking