Facilitating the acceleration of the energy transition

Partnering projects, stakeholders and networks to accelerate the energy transition. Focus: education, research and innovation.

Markets, laws, policy, society – they are part of the energy system. Our energy future depends on integrating the elements of this system. Cooperation of top quality educational and research institutions and vast networks within the energy industry ensure that our programmes are relevant to the energy sector and at the cutting edge of energy technology. We aim to consolidate our leadership in energy expertise and to contribute to the transition towards a sustainable, reliable and commercially viable energy economy.


The Academy’s strongest point is its focus on the transition from fossil energy to sustainable energy. We will need both. On an institutional scale, other institutions concentrate on one or the other. This is why EAE is a very good partner in the transition.

Sibrand Poppema

President (2008-2018), University of Groningen

Our building, a sustainable icon.

This 100% sustainable building, located at Zernike Campus in Groningen and completed end of 2016, is a pioneering system for future sustainable constructions. It is labelled the highest BREEAM score ‘*****Outstanding’ and in March 2017 won a prestigious international BREEAM Award. The building is an icon, a flagship project for the region, and the ‘place to be’ for energy experts, students and entrepreneurs.

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We work on a local, national and international scale


The nation's top infrastructure for energy transition

We are in the heart of the Energy Valley where energy innovation thrives in a smart ecosystem. This region turns its energy history and its accumulated knowledge and expertise, linked to a pioneering spirit into the vanguard of sustainable energy with a quadruple helix approach to the energy transition.

Our projects affect the Dutch market

Boosting energy startups affects markets. New partnerships reinforce the development of the North Sea Region. Facilitating dialogues affects policy making.

International collaboration mitigates climate change

To accelerate the energy transition on a global scale, we partner in complex and multidisciplinairy international projects. Forging new partnerships in the North Sea Region, China, Latin America, and the Middle East and more.

Together, we shape the energy transition


The energy transition affects us all. That is why we continuously seek cooperation with research and educational institututions, industries, governmental parties, entrepreneurs and societal organisations and networks.